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Looking for a new home can be an exciting part of life but can also be stressful. Once you determine that you have found a home you love, you should request an inspection. Regardless of how the house looks when you walk through it, you cannot see past the paint.  Unfortunately, common problems found in homes are not apparent without having a licensed professional performing a home inspection. Since you want to be in a safe and reliable home, having a reputable home inspector perform the inspection is essential. 

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Regardless of whether your home was just built, you should still have a home inspection completed before your final walk through. The best part about hiring a licensed inspector is that they have fresh eyes on your home and may catch things that the builder did not.  I will provide you with a written home inspection report for your records.  Even if just for peace of mind, I highly recommend an inspection of your newly built home.

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If you are getting ready to sell your home, a home inspection is essential. Having your home inspected when you list it is more attractive to buyers. You can even fix any issues that may arise and use that to help motivate buyers as well. Doing a pre-listing inspection not only gives potential buyers more peace of mind but you as well since you and your family are still living in the home. 


As I continue my education I will soon be able to offer the following services...... Septic Inspections


Sometimes when you are buying a home in a competitive market, in order for your offer to be accepted, the home inspection is waived.  With this service, I will walk through the house with you, the potential buyer.  While you tour the home, I will check out the roof, foundation, and other possible big ticket items as agreed upon prior to the walk through. This is a very general inspection and should not be used in place of a Home Inspection.  While I always recommend a general home inspection, I offer this service as a courtesy to those who are looking to purchase a home. This service will give you a better understanding on the condition of these areas and help you make an informed decision before placing that offer.


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