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Request a Water Quality Test Before Buying Your Next Home

Being an educated homeowner is more important than ever, especially when it comes to what we eat and drink.  Exercise, healthy eating, and health education are hot topics in advertising, business, and the news. Headlines about polluted or toxic water invading our water supplies have many Americans questioning the true quality and safety of the water they drink and use every day.  This has sparked an increased demand in public and private water quality testing in and around Hanover PA.  If you’re concerned about your home’s water supply, here is important information you should know:

“Free” vs. professional water testing

There are some companies, like water delivery or purification businesses,  who offer “free” water testing in order to get you to use their services; however, that is NOT the same as having a home water inspection by a professional.  It is recommended that you hire a home inspector who offers a wide variety of water quality tests and knows which one best suits your situation.

What kinds of water supplies should be tested?

Whether you live in the city, suburbs, or out in the country, both city and well water should be tested.  Your specific area has its own risk level, and, if you have well water, you have different risk level depending upon bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants.

Is water testing necessary in order to buy or sell a home?

If you have a privately-owned well or are buying a home with a private well, the EPA has no jurisdiction over your water supply.  Therefore, it becomes the owner’s responsibility to assure their water is safe to drink and use.  Some lenders such as the FHA and VA require water testing in order to secure financing of a new home.

What kinds of water tests do the FHA and VA require?

The FHA Series typically requires total coliform, e
coli, nitrate, nitrite, and lead tests. The VA Series typically requires total coliform, pH, total dissolved solids, hardness, nitrate, nitrite, and iron tests.  Before ordering a water quality test, check with your lender to ensure all the right water tests are performed.  Some lenders deviate from the aforementioned lists.  Also, when you call home inspectors for quotes to perform your water quality testing, ask if they offer a homeowners’ basic package that includes all of the tests required by either FHA or VA lenders so you are fully covered.

If you have questions regarding water quality testing, contact Rife Homes Inspections today for local, reputable, reliable home inspection services!